about me

Great stories in books and films have always fed my passion for movie-making. Telling stories by becoming a character myself was the obvious thing to do. I’ve wanted to be an actress since I was a very young child. I have explored different areas of the job, especially when dubbing foreign films and animated movies and also lending my voice to characters in audio plays. I have been given the chance to collect a lot of great experiences, to be part of fantastic projects, and to meet quite a few very nice people every time I enter any of the studios. It’s an absolute pleasure to work in the dubbing industry.
I am an assiduous comedy consumer and I also write comedy myself. With my colleague and friend Sybille Zillner, I will surely have a few impudent gigs in the future. My big idols are Bill Maher, Olli Dittrich, Monika Gruber and Alan Carr.
I love writing. I write my own stories and, of course, pursue my journalistic work and copywriting (ca:st – Das Schauspielermagazin /Swarovski 1895) with great passion. I also write the lyrics to my own songs. For the Europa audio play “Dragonbound” I wrote and sang the theme song and got to produce part of the sound-design for episodes 8 and 9.

My amazingly talented friend Mascha Müller and I have written a lot of songs together. Mascha also inspired me to follow in my mother’s footsteps and start painting. My mother has produced innumerable amounts of art pieces since 1992 and has become virtuoso in the field of modern art. In my paintings I explore colorful and sometimes slightly morbid fantasy images that commute somewhere between representational and abstract art work. I paint with acrylic colors but I also enjoy digital effect work on photos and taking pictures of abandoned places like old houses, hotels and industrial facilities.

Besides working as an actress, I have studied Cultural Sciences at the Fern Universität Hagen and successfully completed my Bachelor of Arts degree. In my bachelor’s thesis entitled “Die Küche in der Relation zu anderen Räumen in den verschiedenen Gesellschaftsschichten zur Zeit der Hochindustrialisierung. Eine soziologische Analyse,” I am examining the connections between the modes of life and interior design, upscale décor and modern appliances during the late period of industrialization in Europe. I have always been interested in cultural differences and the diversity of lifestyles and interior design.

A mainly vegan diet and playing sports are crucial to my life. I also have an interest towards the less comforting topics such as the exploitation of animals and people, and bullying. I am not a big fan of religions and other types of brainwash, especially when they involve things like the surpression of women etc.  I despise political extremes. I am quite a rational centrist. Of all the uncomforting but important topics I am personally most devoted to animal rights since animals don’t have their own voice and are most innocent. I am very aware of the real consequences of my actions. I actively help spreading information by voluntarily working at education stands in the city. Concerning topics such as ‚wearing fur‘ my tolerance is very limited.

I love being in nature. I discovered my love for nature when I was a child and my parents took me out to beautiful places in the countryside. My father and I often went to feed wild pigs in the forest. I love traveling, cycling and I love my fantastic circle of friends. And even though I would miss the juicy green of the German countryside, I would love to live in California. It feels like a second home to me ever since the time I spent a year there as an exchange student when I was a teenager.
There are a few things that to me are essential to a good quality of life: friends, cats, nature, yummy food, good movies, music, art, a bike, a little pinch of nostalgia, a grain of philosophy, lots of natural ease and of course humor!