copywriting – journalistic work – translations

Swarovski employee magazine



I have been working with Kim-Solveig May for the Swarovski employee magazine „1895“. My task area included article research and copywriting within a wide range of text types as well as translations, e.g. for the Swarovski Group Homepage (English to German) and press texts for Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens, Austria.

ca:st das Schauspielermagazin

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In January 2010 I started working as journalist for ca:st Das Schauspielermagazin (a business magazine for actors/actresses and make-up artists). My task area included diverse editorial functions:

Research conducting, preparation and editing as well as guiding interviews, compiling articles, updating the contents, maintenance of the magazine’s online version, press releases, updates in the productions- and castings-section and updating the general magazine content from past issues.

Furthermore I was responsible for public relations and customer, partner and subscriber relations. Up until 2019 I provided extensive support organizing events such as the ‚Speedcasting‘ at the filmfestivals in Munich and Landsberg.

Also public relations were part of my functions counted among a range of other duties.



Besides translating for Swarovski I translated „Drei Dinge“ a play by the author and director Mascha Müller from German to English. The English title is „Three Things“.